Welcome to our new Board Game Blog

Welcome to our new Board Game Blog

Hi, thanks for reading our new blog. We've just had our favourite weekend of the year, the UK Games Expo. I always love this amazing event, where we can go and play the games that we're looking to stock in store, both to sell and to put in our Board Game Library. We're going to be growing our Board Game Libary significantly in the next few months by buying in at least 1 new board game every week, which we'll review. Board Gaming is booming at the moment as people want to get their heads out of screens and socially play games, Chase Games is a great 3rd space you can do this.

We looked at so many games at the Expo and only managed to play a few, but this one really jumped out at us on the Thursday Evening Preview, so much so, we had to go and play it at the Expo and made sure we had one to play in store when we got back. 


Immediately, this game reminded us of Frustration, which both myself and Mel, had as children, but it soon proved to be a very different game! The colours on the board immediately grab you towards the game and the quick description that you are playing as partners opposite each other, quickly made us want to give the game a try.

Everyone starts off with 4 pawns at home, 4 cards are dealt to each player, out of those 4 cards, on your first go, you need a heart card, this allows you to come out of home and start moving around the board. Before play though, each partner needs to give a card to their opponent that they think could help them, so on your first go, if you have 2 or more hearts, it would be wise to give your partner a heart, just in case they don't have one. Once you're out of home, you use the numbered cards to progress around the board. As you move around the board, you can pass your opponent's Pawns but if you land on the spot someone else is on, then you send them home.

As you can see, there is plenty of different cards on the board, with some cards giving you 2 options and a swap card which could advance yourself but hinder an opponent, this can be quite a tricky decision though, as it isn't always that straight forward, most the time advancing yourself advances your opponent too. The first team of partners to win are the first with both lots of pawn in the goal zone, once one person has finished, they play cards for their opponent's pawns so they progress around the board quicker.

This game has been out for a long time over in Denmark and has now been translated so it can be sold here in the UK. We look forward to playing a 6 player version which should follow once this game is a success. 

Overall, this is an amazing game, with some real strategy behind it. You need to try and plan your moves whilst hoping your opponents don't foil those plans and try and think about your partner too.

I could sit and play this all day and right now, I can't find any flaws in the game, so I'll give it a 10/10!

If you think you'll enjoy this game, we have it available to play and buy at our store in Cannock or you can order online here.

  • Daniel Cecil
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