Cannock League Cup - Burning Shadows - Juniors and Seniors

Good morning everyone. It's the morning after our huge League Cup. I was so happy to have such a fantastic amount of people come to our shop in the little town of Cannock!

With an amazing 61 Masters, 18 Seniors and 6 Juniors, everyone played in separate divisions. Juniors played 3 rounds and unfortunately didn't have a top cut. I personally think there should have just been a top 2 final round because 1st and 2nd place had both won every single game and to go undefeated in a large tournament is an amazing accomplishment, so to come 2nd place after doing so is a real shame.

Each Junior had a different deck. The 6 decks, in final standings order, were:

  1. Gardevoir GX
  2. Tapu Bulu GX - Vikavolt
  3. Tapu Koko GX
  4. Golisopod GX - Garb
  5. Primarina GX
  6. Ninetales GX

We had an amazing turn out for Seniors. 18 players gave them 5 rounds with a top 4 cut. There were a good selection of decks but Gardevoir, Golisopod / Garb and Metagross seemed to be the more popular decks in Seniors:

The top four decks for the Seniors division were:

  1. Gardevoir
  2. Golisopod / Garb
  3. Drampa / Garb
  4. Golisopod / Garb

Well done to Jake for winning with another 17 Seniors playing in the tournament!



The Best of XY (Japanese Set)

The Best of XY (Japanese Set)

Japan have had one last set for XY. The set is a mix of all the best and most played cards throughout the XY period, this brings all the cards back into rotation for them and will also save a lot of cards from rotating this year. The main question is, will the west see this set?

We could se some of the cards as XY promos and have in fact already started to see some of them... The Mega Sharpedo and Mega Camerupt Collection Boxes that come out earlier on in April were some of the first and soon we have the Mega Powers Box which includes some of the Full Arts from the set, including:

  • Zygarde-EX
  • Mega Lucario-EX
  • Mega Manectric-EX
  • Jolteon-EX

So... Will we see the other full arts? Full Arts left are:

  • Mega Carerupt-EX
  • Mega Sharpedo-EX
  • Regirock-EX
  • Aegislash-EX

Then there's the 2 amazing secret rares, Yveltal-EX and Shaymin-EX...

So we could see the other full arts in another box like above but how and even, will they, give us the 2 secret rares??? Then there's the rest of the set with a huge amount of trainers including full arts bought back in for Japan. We will have to wait and see.....

Guardians Rising Competiton

Guardians Rising Competiton

***Competition Time***

Guardians Rising Booster Box and more up for grabs!

Your preorder could turn up with and extra booster box!

Follow these simple steps to be entered into our prize draw:

  1. Like our Facebook Page.
  2. Share this Competition Post (please share the original post)
  3. Place a Guardians Rising preorder. Every £50 spent will get you an entry*.

We have 10 prizes up for grabs:

  • 1st Place - Guardians Rising Booster Box
  • 2nd Place - Guardians Rising Elite Trainer Box
  • 3rd Place - 2 Guardians Rising Triple Booster Packs (one of each)
  • 4th & 5th Place - Guardians Rising Triple Booster Pack (one)
  • 6th to 10th Place - A Guardians Rising Booster Pack

If our Facebook page gets 1000 likes by Wednesday the 3rd of May we will double the amount of prize places and prizes!

Please put a note on your order simply saying 'competition' so we know to enter your order into the draw.

Terms and Conditions:

*Every £50 spent will get you an entry into the competition, this means an order must be over £50 for the 1st entry and then for every extra £50 you spend you get another entry. For example; a Guardians Rising Booster Box Bundle of 3 is £274.50, this will get you 5 competition entries.

Entries will be entered into a database when orders are places and all other criteria is met. We will then use a random number generator to determine the winners for each prize. If a number comes up a second time it will be redrawn.

Competition closes on Wednesday May the 3rd at 12 noon. The draw will take place shortly after and the draw will be recorded. The winners will be announced on Saturday the 6th of May at noon, this is so any winners will receive there prizes before it's announced.

Orders can be placed either via our website, through Facebook Messenger, at our shop, market stall or at the PokeClub in Cannock, all preorders for Guardians Rising need to be paid for by Monday the 1st of May in order to be entered into the competition.

Please Message Us for any other queries.

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

Chase PokéClub

Chase PokéClub

Chase Games has set up an Official Pokémon League in our local town of Cannock.

Anyone is welcome, find us on and add our facebook group for up to date info:

Also, like Chase Games facebook page for new product info and status updates:

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