Cannock League Cup - Burning Shadows - Juniors and Seniors

Good morning everyone. It's the morning after our huge League Cup. I was so happy to have such a fantastic amount of people come to our shop in the little town of Cannock!

With an amazing 61 Masters, 18 Seniors and 6 Juniors, everyone played in separate divisions. Juniors played 3 rounds and unfortunately didn't have a top cut. I personally think there should have just been a top 2 final round because 1st and 2nd place had both won every single game and to go undefeated in a large tournament is an amazing accomplishment, so to come 2nd place after doing so is a real shame.

Each Junior had a different deck. The 6 decks, in final standings order, were:

  1. Gardevoir GX
  2. Tapu Bulu GX - Vikavolt
  3. Tapu Koko GX
  4. Golisopod GX - Garb
  5. Primarina GX
  6. Ninetales GX

We had an amazing turn out for Seniors. 18 players gave them 5 rounds with a top 4 cut. There were a good selection of decks but Gardevoir, Golisopod / Garb and Metagross seemed to be the more popular decks in Seniors:

The top four decks for the Seniors division were:

  1. Gardevoir
  2. Golisopod / Garb
  3. Drampa / Garb
  4. Golisopod / Garb

Well done to Jake for winning with another 17 Seniors playing in the tournament!



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