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Our next League Cup date is still undecided but will more than likely be towards the end of March or early April.

We will once again be asking people pay to register. This made the day go very smoothly for our last League Cup with everything being sorted for when people get here. 

This is none refundable as we have a limit and by ordering a place you may be taking a place someone else wants.
We are very happy to announce that we will be using Pokegym Stadium's online pairings for the League Cup!
Due to our online registration, there will not be on the day registration. We will have 100 spaces for this league cup.
The shop will be opening at 9 am in the morning, Judges will be here around 10 am and will be open for deck checks up until 11 am.
All Juniors and Seniors will have pre-tournament deck checks and masters will be checked throughout the event, so, please be here by 10:30 if you need to have you deck checked.
The player meeting will start at 11 am with round 1 starting very shortly after.
Rounds will be best of 3 at 50 minutes and there will most likely be 7 Swiss rounds for masters with a top 8 cut. Seniors will probably have 4 rounds with a top 4 cut, Juniors will be announced on the day but we are expecting them to have 3 rounds with a separate division to Seniors.
There will be a break between round 3 and round 4.
Divisions will probably finish at different times but we are expecting the majority of the tournament to be finished by 7 pm, at this time only the masters top 8 will be left.
Our closest car par is Cannock Shoppers Car Park (Postcode WS11 1EA) which is £4 for the day but closes at 18:30. We will allow time for people to move there cars between rounds 6 & 7 which should be around 18:00 and 18:30.
If you do not want to worry about having to move your car you can use Danilo Road Car Park (Postcode WS11 1AA) which is also £4 for the day.
There is also Avon Road Car Park which is £5 for the day (Postcode WS11 1LF).
Please note, that all of these Car Parks are Pay and Display and coins only.
Please remember that this Cup will follow the 2018 rotation rules which are BREAKThrough on.
All participants will receive a pack for entering and everyone will get League Cup Promo card as we have been allocated 110!
Top Cut prizes will then be worked out on the day and will be given as store credit, which can be given as an online code to buy from our website.

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