Here at Chase Games we will take your bulk cards, which are duplicates that you don't want, and give you store credit for them. That store credit can be used to buy anything from the store, Pokemon Singles, Sealed Product or any Product in store.

Here's how much store credit we'll give you per card, these prices are for Pokemon, Trainers and Special Energy, we do not take Basic Energy:

  • 3.5p for Normal Common, Uncommon and Rare Cards
  • 5p for Codes and Coins
  • 7p for Reverse & Holo Common and Uncommon
  • 10p for Reverse & Holo Rares
  • 50p for Half Art EX, Prisms and Jumbo Cards
  • £1 for Half Art GX or Full art EX
  • £2 for Full Art or Rainbow GX

If this is something you're interested in, simply send or bring in your bulk to:
Chase Games Ltd
26 Market Hall Street
WS11 1EB

If you are posting, please put in a piece of paper with your name and if you've counted the cards, write how many you've counted (we'll count them too). Then send us a message telling us you're sending in the bulk and make sure you have an account created for our website as this is how we'll issue your gift card.
Please send your bulk sorted into blocks of the above bullet points, if we need to sort out the cards before we count them, we will take off 1p per card.