Chase PokéClub

Here at Chase Games we have been running an Official Play! Pokémon Club, Chase PokéClub since November 2016.

Unfortunately, our shop is closed due to the Coronavirus. We expect in store play to be suspended until July. However, we are running League and Tournaments Online. We're running these to both give everyone something to do and the shop needs to be making money during our closure to make sure that we reopen when all this is over.

Online League Tournament 
This is a Tournament for a little practice, it's £5 to enter and you get 10 online codes for participation and then £2 goes into a prize pot for a prize for the winner. Rounds need to be completed in a 24 hour period, matches are best of 3 and in game time is 1 hour. You must let us know what deck you are using before the Tournament start which is at 6 pm every Wednesday. To sign up, simply purchase the Online Pokemon League from our store - then, head over to our Discord Server where the Tournament is managed - you will need to request the PTCGO League Role so you can see the Tournament Channels, ask for this in the registration-and-info Channel of the Online Pokemon League Category.

Chase Open Tournament
We bring the Chase Open Online, this is £5 to enter and everything gets put into a prize pot. We are hoping this will attract lots of people as we're offering Chase Games Gift Cards for the Top 8 of each Tournament with the Top 8 also being entered into a free Invitational with prizes matching the average prizes of the Tournaments.
These will be run at weekends and will be run quicker than our Online Pokémon League. Rounds will have to be completed within an hour and a half, so expect the Tournament to be taking up most of your time. If 100 people enter a Tournament (which is our target for each one), the prize structure will be:

  • Champion - £150 CG Gift Card
  • Finalist - £100 CG Gift Card
  • Top 4 - £50 CG Gift Card
  • Top 8 - £25 CG Gift Card

The Invitational prize structure will be an average of all the prizes from each Tournament with a minimum of £100 CG Gift Card for the winner.

Dates & Formats:

  • April 11th & 12th - Standard Format (Ultra Prism to Sword & Shield)
  • April 25 & 26th - Expanded Format (Black & White to Sword & Shield)
  • May 23rd & 24th - Standard Format (Ultra Prism to Rebel Clash)
  • June 6th & 7th - Expanded Format (Black & White to Rebel Clash)
  • The invitational will be on June the 20th and 21st, this will be Standard.

Tournaments will start at 10 am on each Saturday, registration will close at 9:30 am, we expect to put a player roster up shortly after. Please hand in all lists before 10 am and make sure you're on the Chase Games Discord Server for then
We are slightly changing timings from our 1st Chase Open as and hour and half was way too much time but we will still have a strict schedule: You will now have 1 hour to complete a round. You will have 10 minutes to get to the match before receiving a game loss, then another 10 minutes for the second game loss. If your result is later than the final result deadline it is a double game loss.

10:00 am Round 1 Pairings
10:10 am Round 1 should have started for everyone
10:50 am Round 1 Time on the round + 3 Turns
10:55 am Round 1 Final Results Deadline & Results Check
11:00 am Round 2 Pairings
11:10 am Round 2 should have started for everyone
11:50 pm Round 2 Time on the round + 3 Turns
11:55 pm Round 2 Final Results Deadline & Results Check
12:00 pm Lunch Break
12:30 pm Round 3 Pairings
12:40 pm Round 3 should have started for everyone
1:20 pm Round 3 Time on the round + 3 Turns
1:25 pm Round 3 Final Results Deadline & Results Check
1:30 pm Round 4 Pairings
1:40 pm Round 4 should have started for everyone
2:20 pm Round 4 Time on the Round + 3 Turns
2:25 pm Round 4 Final Results Deadline & Results Check
2:30 pm Afternoon Break
3:00 pm Round 5 Pairings
3:10pm Round 5 should have started for everyone
3:50 pm Round 5 Time on the Round + 3 Turns
3:55 pm Round 5 Final Results Deadline & Results Check
4:00 pm Round 6 Pairings
4:10 pm Round 6 should have started for everyone
4:50 pm Round 6 Time on the Round + 3 Turns
4:55 pm Round 6 Final Results Deadline & Results Check
5:00 pm Dinner Break
6:00 pm Top 8 / Round 7

Top 8 will go back to 1 hour and half rounds.

Through out the day we will need screen shots of games, of discards to deck check and it is best to screenshot every game result screen in case there is confusion of who won the match.