COVID 19 & Chase Games

Tuesday the 24th of March 2020

We have looked into whether Chase Games can still fulfil our online orders. We have found a document on GOV.UK that says - Online retail is still open and encouraged and postal and delivery service will run as normal.
Therefore, Chase Games will still be fulfilling online orders.


Chase Games has had to close it's door to both in store play and retail, we will still be fulfilling online orders, so please order as normal through our website, we may not be the cheapest website, but we are competitive, please spend that extra few pounds with us and keep a community gaming store open during these crazy times. We will be dispatching as normal, please check our postage page for more details (click here).

Our statement from Tuesday the 17th or March:

We are extremely heartbroken to announce that Chase Games will be temporarily closing it’s doors.
This has been a hard decision to make, but ultimately, we wouldn’t forgive ourselves if a loved one contracted the Corona Virus and anything bad happened to them because it come through our store. Cleaning tables and washing hands more often isn’t going to stop the Virus, in our store you’re sitting 2 feet away from your opponent, playing a game for at least 30 minutes each time, touching each other’s cards whilst you may have the Virus and you have no idea you have it, but could be passing it on to someone who then passes it on to someone vulnerable.
Yesterday, our Prime Minister asked us not to socialise and minimise how much we interact with other people. The main reason we opened our store is so people could socialise and play the games they love with like-minded individuals. Everyday I see friendships that have been made because of our store and that is the best feeling ever, this also gives me great hope that when we do reopen, we will have lots of people coming back to support us.
The store will be open tomorrow (Wednesday) from 12 noon until 5:00 pm for retail sales only. No one will be allowed to sit and play. This will be our last day of trading as a bricks and mortar store, so if you’re after a new game to see you through this Pandemic, please come and support us.
If you can’t make it down to buy what you’d like tomorrow, we will still be fulfilling orders from our online store. We have already had word that we can sell prerelease kits for the new Pokémon and Magic the Gathering sets without events taking place, I’m sure we’ll either open only for sales that weekend or send them out in the post if this is allowed by both companies (can’t see them saying no). We’ll confirm this closer to the time, also making sure we’re going to receive our deliveries.
So lastly, it’s goodbye to everyone for a little while, let’s hope it’s not too long so we can open our doors again and enjoy some games!