Events Calender

Due to the COVID 19 Coronavirus, all in store events are now cancelled from today (Tuesday the 13th of March). Unfortunatly, we can not give a date when events will start again. The Pokémon Company International have cancelled all events until May the 14th, so we are expecting to be close for events until that time at least.
Luckily, we will still be getting all stock for prereleases and we have been told that we can sell these from the prerelease dates. Obviously, we will need to keep an eye on these deliveries, hopefully they'll be on time, but that depends on the state of the country at this point.

The best way to see our upcoming events is to look on our Facebook page under the events section.

Please note, we use this Calendar to try and plan in advance, so dates may be subject to change. Anything further than a month ahead could change depending on other events, in store, locally or internationally.