Our Shop

Opening Times:

Monday 9:00  - 21:00
Tuesday 9:00  - 21:00
Wednesday 9:00  - 21:00
Thursday 9:00  - 17:00
Friday 9:00  - 21:00
Saturday 9:00  - 19:00
Sunday  10:00 - 16:00


Play at Chase Games:

You are welcome to come down and play any game at any time here at Chase Games, whether you bring your own game or want to play a game from our Board Game Library, our downstairs Casual Play area is now mostly free due to tournaments being held upstairs.

We have plenty of games to choose from in our Board Games Library and our Gaming Staff know how to play a lot of the games, so if you want a helping hand playing a game, you can just ask.

Car Parks:

Our closest Car Park is Beecroft Road Car Park, this is where we park in the evenings and on a Sunday, this is also very close to the shop with a Subway connecting the car park with the town centre. The car park is free after 18:00 Monday to Saturday and free all day Sunday. There are charges for any other times.

For all day parking, use Avon Road or Danilo Road Car Parks.

Our History:

Chase Games started in early 2016 just providing product via this online store, in September 2016 we started selling from a Market Stall in Cannock which made us start a Pokémon League at our local Church Hall in the November. Through Christmas and into January 2017, it became apparent that we could easily start another day for our club, because of this we start looking for a shop. We soon found our home, and we moved into 26 Market Hall Street in the June and Officially opened on July 1st 2017.

Chase Games has now moved to Unit 1 Cannock Shopping Centre, a shop over 2 floors so we have a dedicated shop downstairs with a casual play area and an upstairs where Tournaments are held.

Chase Games Ltd
Unit 1 Cannock Shopping Centre
WS11 1WS

If you'd like any more information, please email us or phone 01543 573578.