Service Updates

Update 12th of May 2021 (Slight addition and edit on 14th)

Great News Today! We have finally been invoiced for our order of Shining Fates Mad Party Pin Collections! We've only waited nearly 3 months! Hopefully we'll get a good amount of Tins very soon too which will give us the ability to send out our February Bundles!

We are expecting the Pin Collections Friday and will start packing orders over the weekend. If we can't get a decent answer about the Tins from our suppliers, about 100 Bundles will be sent out without them next week.

We were told Elite Trainer Boxes were due next week but these have now been delayed until early June which is when the next wave is due, so we're expecting 2 waves in early June, let's hope June is a better month for supplies.  

Update 5th of May 2021

Battle Styles Triple blisters are on the way and we're expecting them tomorrow, so we should be dispatching them Friday.

Unfortunately no further update on Shining Fates products except 12 Pikachu Boxes, which will probably fulfil 6 orders. Hopefully the tins and pins come next week so we can put a big dent in the preorders.

Thanks for everyone's kind words since the past update, makes it all worth it.

Update 29th April 2021

Unfortunately this update is pretty useless. Hearing nothing through April, we are now being told to expect most of the stock in May, with most items coming up as arriving in the first or second week in May, but it could be the end of May... (Yes, that's the information we're getting) Our supplier can not give us exact dates because they are changing every day, that was also their words.

We understand that this is pretty useless and the past 3 months have been the most stressful since we started Chase Games 5 years ago, so if you'd like to cancel, please just email us - with your order number and post code and we'll happily get orders cancelled. I just ask that you please just be kind, there is no need for people to be nasty towards us. Just remember that we are in the same boat as you, we are just waiting for the products that we have ordered and the communication from our supplier is rubbish.

If anyone would like other products that we have in stock instead of the pre-order you're waiting for, please just give us an email with what items you'd like and we'll look into swapping things round so we can at least get some orders fulfilled in one way or another.

We wish we were bringing you better news than this and I'd like to thank everyone that has emailed us with kind words, each nice email makes up for each horrible one which really get's us down here at Chase Games.

We are putting something in place so this does not happen again, and it's pretty much the only option and that is to stop taking preorders. Items will be available to buy when we receive stock, that's the only way we can stop these stock limits happening again.

Update 15th April 2021

We have been told by our suppliers that we are getting a small amount of Pikachu V Boxes and Shining Fates Elite Trainer Boxes in and as soon as we get them we will sending out more orders. Order numbers will be confirmed when we have sent out the products that we are getting. 

We are getting more Battle Styles Booster Boxes so the outstanding orders we have will be fulfilled when we get this stock.

We have been told that the majority of products from Pokémon will be with us this month, but we have not been given a confirmed date. We have been getting small restocks so we are hoping that the majority of our stock will be with us soon.

Easter Weekend and our deliveries:

It's Easter this weekend and here at Chase Games we will be having the weekend off allowing all of our staff to have a relaxed long weekend before we reopen the doors to our shop on the 12th of April.

If you order after 3 pm on Thursday the 1st of April, your order will not be processed until Tuesday the 6th of April. We are expecting April the 6th to be extremely busy and may not fulfil all orders placed over the weekend and do not expect any same day dispatches on Tuesday the 6th of April.

This year has been extremely stressful for the Chase Games Team with every Pokémon product delayed so far. Whilst we have tried to keep everyone informed via email, social media and on our website, we have still been receiving hundreds of emails a week and we've still got orders out as soon as we've received stock.

We'd like to Thank everyone for your patience whilst you're waiting for your orders, we really can not wait to just get all of our orders fulfilled so all of our customers are happy and can open their Pokémon cards!

Due to all the problems around Pokémon products, we will not be putting products up for pre-order until we either have the stock or have confirmed allocations for them, so expect Chilling Reign Pre-orders to be put up early June. We will post on our social media channels and send out a newsletter when we do put them up for pre-order.

Thanks, Dan.

Order numbers we have dispatched up to for Pokémon Pre-orders:

Please scroll below for the latest update (March 31st)

Battle Styles Striking Bundle - Fulfilled, see March 31st update for more info.
Battle Styles Booster Box - #41000 with a few more to send out
Battle Styles Elite Trainer Box - #39500
Battle Styles Triple Blister Boosters - #39500

Shining Fates Premium VMAX Boxes including March Bundle - #38215
Shining Fates Mini Tins - All orders for Mini Tins have been fulfilled

We are receiving more Pikachu V Boxes next week. Unfortunately we have not heard anything about any other product yet and are hoping to be able to carry on fulfilling Shining Fates orders mid April.
Shining Fates February Bundle - #35600
Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box - #35600
Shining Fates Pikachu V Box - #36300
Shining Fates Tins & Pin Collections - #35600

Wednesday 31st March

We have now sent out most of the Battle Styles Booster Boxes we received last Friday evening. All Bundles will have been split with the booster boxes and prerelease boxes sent. We are still waiting for more Elite Trainer Boxes and Triple / 3-pack Booster Blisters, as soon as we get these in, bundles will be fulfilled in full.

We have today been told what to expect in stock between now and April 12th:
Unfortunately we have been allocated a SECOND time for the Sword & Shield Zacian and Zamazenta Ultra-Premium Collection and the Sword & Shield Elite Trainer Box Plus Zacian / Zamazenta and we have been told that no more of these are expected. Unfortunately, this means some orders being cancelled or cut. If you've ordered 2 boxes, you will be put down to 1.

We're also expecting the following in stock which will be available in store and online on April 12th.
Pokemon TCG: Hidden Fates Tin 6s (Charizard/Gyarados/Raichu)
Pokemon TCG: Single/Rapid Strike Urshifu V Box
Pokemon TCG: Venusaur/Blastoise VMAX Battle Box

Unfortunately these cuts are completely out of our hands with Pokémon cutting down the stock they are sending to the UK. All the delays are due to port delays because of Brexit and COVID.
This year has been a nightmare with Pokémon and we will not be putting anymore items up for pre-order until we have an allocation for them.

Wednesday 24th March

We have today been invoiced for a large number of Battle Styles Booster Boxes, enough to cover 90% of our orders, larger orders will be cut down to make sure every customer get's there fair share of boosters. Unfortunately, we do not have Elite Trainer Boxes or 3-pack (Triple) Booster Blisters, but Bundles are going to be split and booster boxes and pre-release kits sent, with the Elite Trainer Boxes and Triple Blisters being sent as soon as we get them.

We have also has another update for the Sword & Shield Elite Trainer Box Pluses and the Ultra Premium Collections. We're being told that these will be with us by the 12th of April. We were also told we'd have them for the 5th or March, and January and the 13th of November which was the original release date... so let's keep our fingers crossed we get them on this date.

Thanks, Dan

Wednesday 17th March

Battle Styles Triple Boosters have been held up by our supplier, this will delay Battle Styles Bundles. We are contacting people with bundles up to order #39000 to see if the want just 6 boosters instead of blisters to get orders out on time. If some customers do take the boosters instead of blisters the we will be able to fulfil some more orders going past order 39000 as it was triple booster holding up bundle orders.

Battle Styles allocations were as bad as Shining Fates, because of this we will not be sending more than 1 booster box and 1 of each Elite Trainer Box in any order.

Estimated dates of restock from our supplier, our supplier has informed us that these dates can be very hit and miss and is when they are expected:
Shining Fates Elite Trainer Box - Wave 2 March - Wave 3 April - Wave 4 May
Shining Fates Pikachu V Box - Wave 2 April - Wave 3 May 
Shining Fates Mad Party Pin Collection - Wave 2 April
Shining Fates V Tins - Wave 2 April - Wave 3 May
As we wont be getting more Pin Collections and V Tins until Mid April, this will be when we can send out more February Bundles, we will hold Elite Trainer Boxes for Bundles until we have all items in stock.
Shining Fates Premium Collection VMAX - Wave 1 April - Wave 2 May
Shining Fates Mini Tins - Wave 2 April - Wave 3 May
Battle Styles Elite Trainer Box - Wave 2 April
Battle Styles Booster Box - Wave 2 April - Wave 3 May

Friday 12th March

Unfortunately, Battle Style is suffering from bad allocations as well as Shining Fates, we will keep the above order numbers rolling as we receive more stock, but we're expecting the main wave 2 in April, but we're hoping we get small restocks in between like we have with Shining Fates. Orders up to #39000 will be shipped for release with a few more Booster Boxes and Elite Trainer Boxes being sent beyond this number, but we haven't worked out the exact order numbers yet. Once again we are limiting the amount of product in each order to 1 bundle and 2 booster boxes per order or per person if we notice multiple orders, this is always our policy and is to make sure we get as much product to different people as possible.

We have finally received our invoice for our Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Boxes and are expecting those today or Monday, we are also waiting for some packing supplies which are expected Monday as we've been waiting for ETB size boxes for over a month now, so we will most likely pack orders of 2 or more first and then single orders will be packed after, but everyone will receive back ordered Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Boxes next week with us putting more in stock on Monday evening!!!

Saturday 6th March

We've not received any official communication or confirmation of this, but our preorder lists have been updated and Battle Styles has also been harshly allocated. We are just speculating now, but we guess that this is another air freight load coming in to hit release date while we wait for the main shipment to come through our ports where there are HUGE delays, the more people I talk about our ports, the worse things seem to get.

We are also getting a very small shipment of Shining Fates which is from cancellations from our supplier, so we are going to put what order numbers we're shipping up until at the top of this page and they will be kept at the top with updates placed underneath.

Tuesday 2nd March- Shining Fates Updates

Crobat and Dragapult V-Max Boxes including March Bundles:

We have been heavily allocated on these and will only receive 6/1200 cases of this product in. Therefore, anyone who ordered after 1st January will have delays on their order for these items. Not all orders placed on 1st January can be fulfilled with the limited stock we have coming into us. Only orders placed early on the 1st January are being fulfilled with this shipment. 

Shining Fates Mini Tins:

All orders for Mini Tins are being sent out this week, unfortunately we wouldn't have had enough stock to fulfil all March Bundles. If you have ordered a March Bundle we will not be separating orders however, if you would like to cancel the V-Max boxes and keep the tins this is something we will do at request. If this is something you wish to do you must respond to us via our email which is with your order number provided in the email.

We are extremely busy at the moment with sending a lot of orders out for the new set therefore, we do have the capability to spend time going through things via the telephone, so please email us your requests and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Any Cancellations or changes to orders will need to be put into an email to including your order number and a postcode.

Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Boxes, Elite Trainer Box Plus and Ultra Premium Collection delays:

We do not know a definitive date on when these items will be with us in store. We keep being told week after week that they will be with us "next week" but they never turn up when they are supposed to. We have had no communication regarding these this last week or so from our suppliers so we do not know of a date when we will be receiving them. 

Battle Styles:

As of yet we are not aware of any delays with these products. However, we do know that the booster boxes have been allocated and this was updated earlier last month. We have not yet had our allocations confirmed but as soon as we do we will be announcing it in another update.

Friday the 26th of February - Pokémon Stock Updates

Good morning, unfortunately we have had more bad news concerning Shining Fates, unfortunately we are only receiving 6 out of 1200 boxes of the Dragapult & Crobat VMax Boxes we have ordered. This is even crazier than the Elite Trainer Box Allocations with us receiving just 0.5% of our order!

Once again we are expecting more in a 2nd wave so we will keep fulfilling orders as and when we receive stock. We understand that people will want to cancel, so if you would like to cancel orders, please put it in an email with your order number and we will get orders cancelled asap. Please note that we are not cancelling orders over the phone, you will be told to email a cancelation request in so that we can work through these with ease.

We will be receiving all of our Battle Styles Pre-releases/Build & Battle Boxes next week and are expecting Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Boxes too. We're being told the Elite Trainer Box Pluses are not yet with our supplier, but they are expected soon.

We are also sending out more Shining Fates Elite Trainer Boxes today, we're expecting to fulfil up to order #35500 from this 2nd small delivery we received yesterday.

Wednesday the 24th of February - Pokémon Stock Updates

Good morning, we did have news last night that we are getting a small restock of Shining Fates Elite Trainer Boxes and Vivid Voltage Booster Boxes. This is NOT wave 2, this is another air freight shipment to meet demand. Sea freight and ports have serious delays at the minute, so problems with UK stock is not going to be fixed any time soon. Unfortunately we are having to deal with stock levels on a day to day basis, as soon as we get stock in, we will ship them out to customers that have preordered. We understand everyone's frustration as we are just as frustrated, but this is out of our hands completely, we took precautions and only sold half of our original order, then we ordered more, but this just wasn't enough. Anyone wishing to cancel orders, please email, with the prices of Shining Fates shooting up though, our advice is to keep your order and wait this out, we will get everyone's order out eventually, we are hoping that we fulfil all pre-orders throughout the month of March.

For now, we will carry on sending out Elite Trainer Boxes to customers that are next in line and we will still not be sending out any more than 2 Elite Trainer Boxes per order, per person or per household if we notice multiple orders for the same house. We do not yet know what order we will get up to with this delivery of Elite Trainer Boxes as this was an unexpected delivery, we are just going to keep printing orders and sending them out as soon as our delivery arrives.

Please anticipate delays on all Pokémon preorders in the next month as that is what we're doing, we will continue sending out 2 boxes of each product per order until all orders have had some products sent out, then we'll start again fulfilling orders fully.

We have not yet heard any news of next weeks releases and we will update this page as soon as we do.

Thanks, Dan.

Saturday the 20th of February - Shining Fates Update

We are receiving numerous emails about Shining Fates, we still do not know when we're getting wave 2 or how many items we're going to get, we are hoping we know this some time in the coming week and we will post on this page whether we get enough to fulfill all orders or not. If we do not get enough to fulfill all orders then orders will have to limited as they were in wave 1, where no more than 2 ETBs are sent for one order, but we are hoping that we get 40% of our order which will will give us enough to fulfill every order.

If you have received your wave 1 goodies, then congratulations! If you didn't have your whole order in your box this is because we limited the amount of products sent in each order. If we didn't do this you may not have even got your order at all, so please be thankful.

It is very likely that you've received Pikachu V Boxes and nothing else, this is because we received a lot of Pikachu v Boxes in comparison to other products, please rest assure that the rest of your items will follow in a future wave. We are in fact receiving more Pikachu V Boxes Monday.

We have not heard if the VMAX boxes and Mini Tins are delayed and do not have numbers for wave 1 of these products either, we have sold less that 40% of our order of these, we hope to get 50% and have some on the website to sell on release day too.

Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Boxes, Elite Trainer Box Plus and Ultra Premium Collection delays:

We keep being put off with all these products! We're very sorry, but we are in very much the same boat as you guys, we just keep hearing of delays and then when that time get's closer there's more delays!

We have been told to expect all the above products in the first week of March. I must say that the first week of March is looking extremely busy for our supplier with Shining Fates VMAX Boxes and Mini Tins and then we have all the other products that we're being told to expect that week too! I'm expecting things to be very hectic for both our suppliers and ourselves.

We will continue to keep this page as updated as possible but due to our inbox being extremely full, we are having to simply copy and paste emails.

Thanks, Dan Cecil, Managing Director.

Monday the 15th of February - Shining Fates Update

Please expect slight delays in normal service due to our new releases.

This week we will receive the first wave of our Shining Fates products. This is just 5% of our original order, so even though we took the precaution of only selling half of our order, that still wasn't enough to get everyone their products in time for release and only 10% of orders will be fulfilled.

Bundle orders will be taking priority because we didn't start selling the Tins and Pins until December and we want to send out as much product as possible, there's no point having items here waiting to be added to bundles when we get more Elite Trainer Boxes. We will also not be sending out more than 1 bundle or more than 2 Elite Trainer Boxes in any order, this is to get as many people some products on release as possible. This also costs us more as we're sending many orders split because of this. The remainder of peoples split orders will be fulfilled from Wave 2 which is expected within 2 weeks of release.

Wave 1 orders being fulfilled:

  • Bundles up to order #35500
  • Elite Trainer Boxes up to order #34600
  • Pikachu V Boxes up to order #36300

We are waiting to hear our numbers for the 2nd and main wave of Shining Fates products. We have orders with several suppliers and expect all deliveries to come at different times in early March. We are hoping that we get 40% of our orders which will allow us fulfil all of our orders, 50% will give us a few extra products in stock.

In the event we get less than enough to fulfil all of our orders, we will once again limit the amount of product we send in each order.