SUMO Custom Tournaments

SUMO Custom is Chase Game's own Pokémon Tournament Format, the format is Sun and Moon Series only cards and may not include GX cards.

By Sun and Moon Series we mean cards from Sun and Moon Base Set, Expansions after and Sun and Moon Black Star Promos. Currently Guardians Rising is the latest Sun and Moon set and soon to come is Burning Shadows.

We hope this will give players a cheaper deck building option but also give players more experience by being able to play decks with out meta cards like Shaymin, Tapu Lele, Trainers Mail and VS Seeker.

All other Pokémon Rules apply such as only 4 copies of a card are allowed and the deck must have exactly 60 cards.

Deck lists will be required for these tournaments.

The first SUMO Custom Tournament will be on July the 2nd as part of our opening weekend and then will usually be held on the first Sunday of every month.

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