UK League Cups

Here at Chase Games, we're making a list of UK League Cups in the Spring Quarter, we started making a list of Cups in the UK to see where we can play and we may as well share the list with you guys so there's one place you can see all UK League Cups easily.

February 24th - Saturday
IQ Games - Huddersfield***

February 25th - Sunday
Geek Headquarters - Chesterfield

March 3rd - Saturday
Games Hub - Edinburgh

March 3rd - Saturday
Chase Games - Cannock

March 18th - Sunday
Vaut 14 - Doncaster

March 24th - Saturday
Comicrazy - Paisley

March 24th - Saturday
Galleon Games - Bexhill-on-Sea - SOLD OUT

March 25th - Sunday
Games Pit  - Wakefield
Not Sanctioned

March 31st - Saturday
Geek Retreat - Glasgow

March 31st - Saturday
Firestorm Games - Cardiff

March 31st - Saturday
Fanboy3 - Manchester
Not Sanctioned

April 7th - Saturday
Kids Stuff - Community Wise - Eastbourne

April 8th - Sunday
Just Games Gsy - Guernsey

April 14th - Saturday
Bus Stop Toy Shop - Largs

April 29th - Sunday
Beanie Games - Stockton on Tees

May 12th - Saturday
Mad for Miniatures - St. Austell, Cornwall

May 13th - Sunday
Bazbo Comics - Truro

May 13th - Sunday
The Gamers' Emporium - Swansea***

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