Lightseekers Awakening Deck: Mountain

Chase Games


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Get ready to battle with the Mountain Order Starter Pack. Play the Lightseekers official Trading Card Game offline or scan with the Lightseekers video game for augmented reality effects, rewards and in-game abilities. The Starter Pack contains 1 prebuilt deck (36 cards), 1 Booster Pack (9 cards) 1 Tribute Card, 1 Deck storage box, a Playmat with Health Counter, and a Quick Start rules guide. Mountain is a jack-of-all-trades Order with strong combo defenses and sustained protection.

Fire - A steady output of attack damage and methods to keep a wounded enemy down.
Earth - Preemptive damage mitigation and slow but steady healing.
Crystal - Complement your attack bursts with delayed damage spikes and defenses after getting attacked.

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