Lightseekers Awakening Deck: Nature

Chase Games


Get ready to battle with the Nature Order Starter Pack. Play the Lightseekers official Trading Card Game offline or scan with the Lightseekers video game for augmented reality effects, rewards and in-game abilities. The Starter Pack contains 1 prebuilt deck (36 cards), 1 Booster Pack (9 cards), 1 Tribute Card, 1 Deck storage box, a Playmat with Health Counter, and a Quick Start rules guide. The Nature Order gains the most power when it carefully tends to its buffs and draws strength from the state of its opponent.

Animal - Command the beasts of nature to fight for you through a mix of sustained damage from buffs and attacks timed at the right opportunity.
Forest - While lacking reliable burst heals, Forest cards have tools to prevent falling too far behind and slowing down the tempo until its potential has fully grown.
Soul - Helps you protect and maintain your pool of buffs, and also lets you take advantage of its growth.

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