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The Mythical Pokémon Victini makes his appearance this September. Featured in Black and White, Victini is said to bring victory to the Trainer that befriends it. It produces an infinite amount of energy within itself and can share it with others by touch. It can also become invisible. As shown in White—Victini and Zekrom and Black—Victini and Reshiram, it can send visions to people. It has been shown to enjoy eating macarons, although it sometimes chokes on them. In the same movie, it has also been seen near an Oran Berry bush. Victini is the only known Pokémon that can learn Searing Shot.

The promo card looks like it could be quite a playable, will be interesting to see if it goes well in my Generations Charizard EX Deck...

Here's the description from the Pokémon Centre website:

Now Victini Is at Your Command!

Rare and mysterious, Mythical Pokémon arrive when they choose—and disappear just as quickly! Step forward into a new level of play with the Pokémon TCG: Mythical Pokémon Collection—Victini! The Victini Mythical Pokémon Collection includes:
  • A never-before-seen foil promo card featuring Victini
  • A Victini collector’s pin
  • 2 Pokémon TCG: Generations booster packs to expand your collection!
  • A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online
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    • Item Dimensions: 8.1 x 6.1 x 1.9 inches
    • Recommended Age: 6 + years
    • Country Of Origin: Printed in the USA. Pin made in China.
    • Materials: Paper / Zinc Alloy / Soft Enamel

    Available in the UK starting September 8th.

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