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Magic Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier Atlanta 2018

£15 entry to our first PPTQ which is Standard Constructed Format
Please preregister through this page by entering your Name and DCI
Event pre-registrations become nonrefundable 1-week before the event

Shop opens at 9:00 am
Registration is 10:00 am until 10:45 am. All pre-registered players must confirm their attendance by 10:45.

Please pre-register by entering your details and adding this item to your basket and carry on to our payment screen.

Prizes - if 40 people enter the prize structure will be as follows:
1st - £100 in store credit
2nd - £60 in store credit
3rd/4th - £40 in store credit
5th-8th - £20 in store credit
Everyone else who enters will get a participation pack at the end of the Swiss rounds.
If 80 people enter the above prizes will double! Player Capacity is 88 (comfortably).

This tournament is being held at Competitive Rules Enforcement Level, which means that deck-lists will be required. This also means that an experienced Level 2 Judge will be on hand to answer your rules questions and ensure that the day goes smoothly.

We will be running a number of rounds based on attendance (most likely 6) followed by a cut to the Top 8, which will be single elimination.

Our closest car par is Cannock Shoppers Car Park (Postcode WS11 1EA) which is £4 for the day but closes at 18:00. We will allow time for people to move their cars if the swiss rounds last that long.
If you do not want to worry about having to move your car you can use Danilo Road Car Park (Postcode WS11 1AA) which is also £4 for the day.
There is also Avon Road Car Park which is £5 for the day (Postcode WS11 1LF).
Please note, that all of these Car Parks are Pay and Display and coins only.

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