Rivals of Ixalan Booster Pack


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1 Booster Pack Containing 15 additional cards.

Claim the City's Blessing:

The Golden City of Orazca has been found! Build your forces and stake your claim to Orazca with Ascend cards! With Tendershoot Dryad, once you have the city's blessing, for the rest of the game your Saprolings will get +2/+2!

2 New Planeswalkers:

Angrath, the Flame-Chained is driven by a feeling of restless impatience, like a caged animal awaiting its moment of freedom. The confrontation between Angrath and Huatli led to Huatli's planeswalker spark being ignited. Now, she returns to Magic with new colors as Huatli, Radiant Champion!

Iconic Lands:

Stake Your Claim! Rivals of Ixalan brings new and exciting double-faced cards! Accomplish the goal on the front and you will have unlocked the power of Legendary Lands!

More of your favourite tribes:

Dinosaurs, Merfolk, Pirate, and Vampires are back! Power-up your decks with Rivals of Ixalan!

Returning Mechanics:

Enrage, Raid, Treasure and Explore are all back with Rivals of Ixalan! Celebrate by creating infinite dinosaurs!

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